Provider Lookup

Web Enable your CSR Functions allowing employees, clients, payers and brokers the ability to perform these functions themselves.
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Provider Search

  • Search by provider last name, practice name or provider specialty
  • Search by facility or ancillary provider name
  • Search for physicians and facilities within a radius of a zip code
  • Filter results by first name, city and/or state
  • Grid-based provider display includes:
    • Provider Name
    • Provider Specialty
    • Address
    • Phone
    • Provider Comments (for instance “Patients aged 16 and older”)
    • Map Link using the Google Maps online service

Custom Provider Directory

MCO Pro comes with its own geo-coding/spatial analysis module built right in. Perform a geo-study for a prospective employer groups employee data against a networks:

  • Generate either a radius-based directory or a statewide directory
  • Directory may include all specialties or a single specialty
  • Directories are displayed in Adobe Acrobat which the user may download free of charge to their phone, home PC or print the directory
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Tracking System

The online system also includes a usage tracking system that reports robust statistics on all searches performed on the site including:

  • Number of searches performed
  • Zip codes selected by members
  • Network selections
  • Details on each search performed over time


All of the reporting within the MCO Pro application is available through the website apps add on

  • A password is generated for authorized entities within the MCO Pro application. Payer’s, Broker’s and Employer’s can be granted access to the reporting website application
  • Data returned is limited to their respective block of business
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